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A wide range of products are available, and can be tailored to meet the unique requirements of any farmer. There is a high standard of quality control which is ongoing and continually monitored and improved, ensuring our product is always of the highest quality meeting the specifications and performance expected of top quality stock feed


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Technical/Sales Question and Answer

Why feed Weston’s Pellets not grain?
Pellets for a much more complete and balanced ration. The pelleting processes increases digestibility of pellets over grain. The increased surface area of a pellet compared to grain allows to greater microbial and enzymatic activity. Pellets allow the flexibility of additives to the cow’s diet, for instance Rumensin can be easily added or Bovatec and minerals also. In fact, all Weston pellets contain a mineral and vitamin pack as part of a conventional feeding system. Pellets are delivered ready to used and require no further preparation


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